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Paris Bakery

Cupcakes for a cause! FRIDAY February 24- Sunday February 26- BRANTFORD NORTH END CAT RESCUE!

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The full $2.50 of each cupcake will go towards the Brantford North End Cat Rescue.
They are topped with Kit Kat and drizzled with chocolate and caramel! 

This is a small rescue that is completely funded out of their own pockets and donations. Susan and Carm have such big hearts. They trap feral cats, get them spayed & any medical help and release them back (TNR). They try to get as many fostered out/ adopted as they can so they don’t have to go back outside. They also takes in many abandoned cats to get them help and adopted out. Through the purchase of one cupcakes can make a difference.❤️ 

This is a rescue near and dear to my heart as my own fur baby Lou came from this amazing rescue!